Untitled – 20210126

There is a pall upon the worldunpierced by the sun,weighty, thick, almost suffocatingwe crawl, can’t walk nor run.Voices call out in the gloominessmuffled and unclear,female, male – indistinguishableand the hours turn to years.

Path of Leaves

Windblown, falling, drifting, from tree-tops to ground below; Windswept, dispersed, gathered in shallow defiles underfoot, an unintended golden path.   Photo and Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.

Untitled – 03112016

The dust settles, back upon the earth, dry, barren, covering the dried blood of the fallen; For another’s ideals, we give our life, alive, like a flower, now scattered like its pollen. By my brother’s side, we’ve fought through hell killed, rejoiced, and in another’s name, vied for victory; Motes rest upon my open unseeing … Continue reading