Thoughts of You


I watched a lily today,
Sitting above the water,
While the leaves floated below…
And I thought of your smile.

I lay upon the water,
And looked at the sky,
Where a bird soared high above…
And I saw your eyes…

I sat on a chair upon a hill,
And stared across a lake,
The wind brought bird songs to my ear…
And I felt the touch of your hand

I photographed a flower,
Red amongst the greens,
The butterflies came to see…
And I caught your scent…

I walked upon the soft grass
Felt my feet sink into lushness,
I slowed my pace to savour it
As I savour our single kiss.

All Poems copyright protected, and are the property of Rambling Poetry, and are not to be used without permission.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts of You

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