The Chosen Path


A path I chose, many moons ago
And walked it I have done;
Choices made, the die was cast,
Regrets, there are none.

Mistakes I’ve made, learnt I have,
Achievements I have gained,
For me, the sun still shone
Even when it rained

A broken heart, cannot mend
And lost loves are never gone;
A tender smile, a moonlight kiss
Immortalized in song.

The path it does continue on,
Decisions to be made,
A page to turn, a note to sing,
A stream as yet to wade.

The path of Love, I chose,
Wherever it may lead,
To be there, as always,
Whenever there is need.

Around the bend, over the hill,
Wherever it may go;
Across creeks, rivers and oceans
My heart I’ll always follow.

I walk along, but never alone;
Beneath a starry sky,
I kiss a dream, touch a vision
I’ll never wonder why.

A star fell, it filled me
With wonder and with awe;
I sat upon a thoughtful rock,
The star fell, I saw

I stood upon the water’s edge
Around her finger, twirled;
Those fateful words she uttered,
“Kiss me, and change the world”

A path I chose, it continues on,
I tread it, lost in love,
Ever aware, footstep by footstep
With the star, fallen from above.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.
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