Out of Reach

The Daily Post from WordPress yesterday had a suggestion that I thought might inspire me, so I let the idea mature and grow as I worked.  The Phrase was “Out of Reach“, and although the main idea was about a toy or thing you always wanted, they did seem to allow for Photographers, Artists and Poets to express “Desire”, so this is my offering.

Her dark tresses framed a smiling face,
Slender fingers upon a silken cheek
Lips curved into an alluring smile,
Piercing eyes that made me weak.

Her hair blew with the gentle wind
A slender neck to be revealed,
Shoulders never to be leaned upon;
From my lips, nothing, they’re sealed.

Her voice strong, but lyrical,
And every word, every note resounded
Upon my heart, not through the ear;
In my heart, hope did abound.

I longed to speak, nay, to look upon her
But I had lost the art of speech
I knew within my heart, my longing heart,
This Aphrodite would always be out of reach.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


7 thoughts on “Out of Reach

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