A Thousand Shards

I had recently read one of Josephine Ranes’ poems on her blog Never Quite Broken, it was called A Thousand Mirrors, and I made a comment on it about how I could see it as a thousand shards of one mirror, and in that moment the idea for my own poem was sewn.  Of course I dare not compare mine to hers, yet her own has inspired my humble effort.

I looked upon a broken mirror
A thousand shards across the floor
Reflections shown right back at me,
From the far wall to the door

As I looked to each shining shard
I could see bits of my life
from the joys of my childhood
To my days of working strife.

Within each tiny broken mirror
was a memory; some fond, some not,
Not all I’d like to relive
But they’re all that I’ve got.

They are what makes me who I am,
Each portion, a part of me
Today I am, what yesterday has made
And tomorrow? Tomorrow we shall see…

Towards the door, shards still bright
but reflecting no clear image;
My tomorrows, next months, next years,
My next steps upon the stage

I hope that in each of those shards
Of moments… of times to come,
Your face will be next to mine,
As time unfolds, life’s slow blossom.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


5 thoughts on “A Thousand Shards

  1. Well this is just lovely! What a great write you have here.

    I hadn’t even thought of making each piece a part of the past, that is very clever.

    Very happy to have given you the inspiration for this write! What a terrific one it is.

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