Words among the Stars


I burnt the letter that you wrote me
And watched the ashes fly away;
Upon a westward blowing wind
The wind and ash did play.

They kept on rising to the stars
Those words that once you wrote,
Once your thoughts, then words on paper,
Now in the night they float

They rose up from the fire I’d lit
And danced beyond the trees,
Upon a thermal high above,
from my sight, they take their leave.

Your words are now among the stars
Among the Gods and Heroes
I’ve made of them immortal lines,
And saved them from death’s throes.

No longer do they sit and linger,
Upon an aging piece of paper,
Now they sit amidst the great ones
In heaven’s amphitheater.

I fought the urge to keep that letter
To read it each and every day;
But I already know those words,
In my heart they’ll always stay.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.
Image from FabWeb