I sat…

I sat and watched the ocean move
I watched it rise and fall
I heard the roaring of the waters
and heard the seagull’s call

I sat there for an eternity
All alone with my thoughts
Even though I was hungry
Not a fish would I have caught

My thoughts they drifted and soared
Across the seven seas
They raced away across the lands
And sped right back to me

I think I saw a shooting star
As it sped across the sky
I heard the whispering of the winds
As they asked me again “Why?”

“Why do you sit upon the shore,
and let your thoughts go wild;
There is nought for you upon the sea
Go home, go home my child”

I have no answer for the wind
my heart won’t let me speak
I know with utterance of those words
Then all would then be bleak

I sit and watch the waves come in
I sit and cling to hope
I sit, because to leave these shores
Would mean, I’d sit and mope

I sat and watched the ocean move
Its rhythm now my own
It’s taken me to its very heart
And the seagulls all have flown.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.