True Love is not a fire,
burning and destroying,
Flames that eat the flesh
or at the edges singing.

True Love does not burn
with an inferno’s intensity,
Although some claim
it has that propensity.

True Love is an ember
that lasts much longer
Than the flame that burns
with a insatiable hunger.

It warms from within
and radiates throughout,
It warms those we touch
Yes, without a doubt.

It’s glow is obvious
To all those around,
It can brighten a room
It’s warmth surrounds.

True Love is an ember
That warms through the years,
It is coaxed by laughter
and tempered with tears.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


6 thoughts on “Ember

    • Thank you. Strange enough, I had written this one day and kept it as a draft, then came across at least two other new poems on wordpress that used it in one way or another… I debated whether or not to publish the poem, then went ahead as scheduled anyway 🙂

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