More than this

I’ve thought about that first time
That night of our first kiss,
Nothing that comes to my mind,
Could mean more than this

It wasn’t about the touch
Of our two wanting lips
But rather a way of saying
I love you more than this

After knowing you as I do
I simply can’t dismiss
that the love I have for you
is far, far more than this

From the time we exchanged words
I knew something was amiss
I would like you more than I should
I would love you more than this

As time passes into time
and at times I reminisce
I rue the day I didn’t say
“I will love you more than this”

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


9 thoughts on “More than this

    • Thanks! Quite correct, they are no longer together (not in the original sense) 🙂
      Fourth Stanza refers to their first “meeting”, and the Fifth verse to their parting.
      I appreciate your commenting!

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