Tears from Heaven

Tears from heaven, upon my skin
drench my clothes, and my soul within

Falling drops of liquid mercy
Wash me clean, and set me free

Wash my eyes, run down my cheeks
cleanse my soul, remove my iniquity

Tears from heaven, pour down on me
Restore my vision, let me see…

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


2 thoughts on “Tears from Heaven

  1. Nice poem. “Liquid mercy” was particularly powerful to me.

    I will respectfully leave a criticism: “drenched” on 2nd line and “poured” on 7th line were in past tense, while the rest of the poem wasn’t. It stood out to me.

    This is a nice blog, with lots of enjoyable poems. I hope to take your example as an inspiration.

    Best wishes!

    • Thank you. You are quite right. I don’t mind the criticism or corrections at all. I’ve made changes where you’ve pointed out.

      I am flattered that you think some of my writing can inspire you

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