The Reflection

My friend looked at a photo of herself standing near a puddle, she asked herself a question…“Did you ever wonder if the person in the puddle is real, and you’re just a reflection of her?”
And this was my answer…

The image in the puddle,
a reflection of the world
A mirror of what is,
not what might be preferred.

A true representation,
as seen on the other side
The waters but a remnant
of rains, and the ocean’s tide

The smooth glassy surface
reflects a surface beauty,
But the waters cannot tell
of my true Aphrodite

The one whose laugh is a song,
whose kiss has healing powers;
Whose touch can heal a heart
Like a starlit evening shower.

It doesn’t show the woman
Who is loved, loved so true;
It doesn’t show that person,
it’s a poor reflection of You.

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


7 thoughts on “The Reflection

  1. This reminds of the whole story from Roman Antiquity about Narcissus. Of course this is a twist, some sort of reverse, where it is more in loathing of self than a huge conceit. Well loathing is not the correct word. It made me feel as if the person seemed unreal or transparent. In the end, it was a poem of affirmation. thank you for your time!

    • Thank you Ted, each person comes away with their own impression. I like your Narcissus analogy and your insight into the piece, and you are correct, in the end, it is an affirmation (with a few wandering thoughts in the centre).
      Thanks again for your insightful comment, and also for taking the time to read the piece.

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