My Love For Her

Warm like a summer’s sunset,
soothing as rain on my face;
thoughts of her affect me,
and alters my heart’s pace…

Eyes closed to the world around,
Head tilted to the sky above;
Visions of her in my head,
there is naught to speak of…

She completes my existence,
and makes me who I am;
The emotions in my chest,
like the waters behind a dam.

Her touch always excites me,
her laughter lightens my heart;
I’ll always be in love with her,
She had me from the start…

From the day I saw her smile,
with those sparkling brown eyes;
To the day my heart subsides,
and my spirit soars to the skies…

A love so unconditional,
I never thought I’d know;
A love that will never end,
but shall ever grow… and grow…

Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


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