Without you

Without you
the world turns,
the tides rise and fall.
In the east,
the sun rises,
in forests, birds call.

Without you
trees still grow,
and birds flitter about.
On the streets
traffic runs,
and horns do flout.

Without you
movies are made,
pretenders to love.
On-screen kiss,
scripted passions,
not what life’s made of.

Without you
stars still shine,
on lovers who stare.
Amidst wars
peace is found
in a friend’s care.

Without you
my heart beats,
the rhythm’s the same,
And my soul,
indelibly marked
with your true name.

Without you
life goes on,
night follows day,
but with you,
in your arms
I’d rather have stayed.


Poem copyright protected, and the property of Rambling Poetry, and not to be used without permission.


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